No secret that I LOVE me some vintage clothing. I love the thrill of the hunt, the smells, and the crazy people I meet. (You know THAT smell?) With the fashion industry moving at lightning speed these days, I feel like vintage clothing is the only thing that really allows me to have a creative, unique, and individual style. As far as I can see, dressing "on trend" poses absolutely no challenge to me. I can walk into any H&M, Zara, Forever 21, or TopShop and easily purchase a killer, of the moment, fashionable wardrobe, But buying that formulaic, hand picked, "trendy" (Read: Knockoff) stuff just doesn't do it for me. (Also, I am cheap.) And it definitely doesn't get the creative juices flowing; which is precisely what I have always loved about fashion and personal style. What does get me going is mixing, matching, and creating from the old, ugly, and forgotten. I take inspiration from everywhere,; runway, street fashion, art, nature, movies, music...and I store it ALL in my brain. It idly sits there until one day, something I see triggers that inspiration spot and I go into my creative zone. For instance, this kimono I found at Salvation Army in reference, of course, to the AMAZING Proenza Schouler show I saw a while back. Or these booties I scored at Wasteland with this stacked heel and architectural, conceptual shape that spoke to me. The top is also from Salvation Army, I got it like, 4 years ago when I was going through a sort of New Romantic, Vivienne Westwood obsession. They're just clothes, but they do have a story ;)

Vintage top, kimono, jeans. Report booties. BCBGeneration necklace.