This, ladies and gentlemen, is my post-apocalyptic housewife custom created dress by Haus of Pardon My Fashion. I found this LBD in a Pile Sale (no surprise there), and it was in kinda sad shape. The chiffon was disintegrating and the tulle was all falling apart. But, it fit me like a glove and it only cost $4 so I brought it home with me. It sat in my closet for a loooong time until one day I had a vision; bleach. The dress was already in a state of despair, so why not just take that and run with it? I hung the dress on a fence in front of my apartment, took a bottle full of bleach and just kinda...tossed it on there. I let the bleach sit on the dress for about 10 minutes and voila! LOVE IT. The black satin ribbon turned a gorgeous burnt umber shade. The hemline looks like it's on FIRE! I want to create a collection based on this concept; in destruction there lies creation. All this deep thought from a simple little bleach project. Anywaysssss...I wore this out the the Scion Art Show on Saturday night. We took in the arts, but more importantly, we took in the open bar! After the show, we made our way to Vinoteque on Melrose on ordered bottles of wine and a smorgasbord of tapas. We at on the front porch and people watched, conversed, stuffed our bellies, and had a generally fantastic time.

Custom vintage dress. F21 Jewels. Wet Seal Booties.


  1. This outfit is so darn cute! obsessed with that dress, how you dressed it down with those booties and paired some awesome jewelry with it!


  2. OMG. What a lovely dress! I completely adore it! Its so gorgeous and extremely pretty.