Belly Dancer

This is my Essentials of Belly Dancing 101 meets downtown cool ensemble. Like, from Rashna's studio to drinks at Acme in a snap. A tad bit inspired by Chanel's 2012 Pre Fall and Proenza Schouler...lately I just can't get enough of the exotic East in my sartorial musings. With more to come; I've got kimonos, dragon robes, and asia-tic printed capes waiting for the weather to turn so I can truly unleash my inner Eastern goddess. I scored this AMAZING skirt at Salvation Army. It is sequined all over and HEAVY; it moves with the body so beautifully. (Made for dancing!) Paired it up with my super saturated baby blue angora Esprit sweater, my Harikrishna headpiece, and my brand new (to me) Report booties...by way of Wasteland. SIDE EFFECTS: Compulsive belly dancing and hip shaking. (Watch out Shakira, Shakira.) Oh and PS- Sorry for my absence. I was zenning out on a vacation where there was NO WIFI. (Seriously.) And it. was. brilliant. But now I'm back to the ways of the modern world and posting photos of myself all over my fashion blog.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love the color of the top, blue inspires me so much lately.


  2. hi desr!thanks for comment!really lovely shoes!kisses from Italy

  3. Your gorgeous!And the quality photos is amazing!
    Take a look to my blog.
    I appreciate your opinion,Kisses *** Anellle.

  4. Ps. Now i follow you,please do the same :-)

  5. How this has zero hypes is beyond me - such an original and thoughtful and CHIC look. I'm seriously loving making my way through your blog.

  6. You have the prettiest clothes. :) I love that head accessory. And most of all that stunning skirt!