Baroque Babe

OMG I nearly died when I found this dress at my local thrift shop. I lit-rally had, like, a super embarrassing Rachel Zoe moment in Salvation Army when I pulled it our from the rack and turned to the little Mexican lady next to me and was like, "ZOMG. Are. You. Seeing. THIS." And she looked at me like, "GO HOME WHITE GIRL..." 

But this dress is so major that I just sat there freaking out. The deep, rich, royal blue velvet with thick gold detailing reminded me of one of my favorite Fall 2012 collections, Dolce and Gabbana (<--- CLICK to see.) I had to take the dress in the slighest bit, ya know, so that it really hugs in all the right spots. AND then it sat in my closet for a long time, while it waited for me to take him out to play...

FREAKING FINALLY, Jasmine called me and invited me to the launch event for the cosmetics line "Emotional Brilliance" at our local Fashion Island Lush store. BLACK TIE BITCHES! And I knew... it. was. time. As evidenced by the photos, you can see that I got ALL kinds of dressed up for this BLACK TIE event, but apparently in Orange County a Michael Stars tee, Rock and Republic jeans, a pair of Louboutins, and a quilted Chanel bag counts as BLACK TIE. What I'm trying to say is that I was terribly overdressed; as usual. DGAF...my entire look cost less than your T-shirt lady.


  1. Love it! That ensemble is a winner. To be fair, there were also larger ladies there dressed like art teachers and some teens with a lot of cash to spend. Love my new emo brilliance make up!

  2. That dress is perfect. I'd probably die too if I found it!


  3. Amazing look, dear~ Love the colors and details that look good on you~!)
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  4. I love this dress :)
    Cant get enought of velvet
    Love the blog :)