Purple Hair, Don't Care.

No...I have NOT been neglecting this blog. I have just been a complete work-a-holic. Gotta make that money, honey! To try and make-up for my absence, I decided to do something crazy and just dye my hair purple. Just for funzees. I just love it; such a pretty color! (Thank you, Summer. You are a hair genius.) So, sorry I was gone forever and here's some purple hair! Seems fair to me? So anyways, I picked up this amazingly luxurious hi lo dress at Goodwill the other day. I LOVE the shiny fabric and the wrap/drape details. SO DREAMY. It will be perfect to layer with thick jackets and thigh-high boots this winter. OMG how I long for layering in the sweltering Summer heat. I am over Summer dressing already. I wore this out to Francelli's Italian Restaurant in LBC with the boyfriend for cheese ravioli's and spumoni ice cream. DELICIO-SO.

Thrift Dress. Wet Seal boots. F21 cuffs. Vintage Ladjevardi collection seashell earrings and chain necklace.


  1. I am so in love with this outfit. Like, I'm dying. I've had purple hair on and off and you totally work it...looks great with the olive green especially!


  2. Our hair looks even better dry! I can't wait for Summer to do my hair again. Btw love that Ladjevardi collection.

  3. This is dress is so gorgeous on you, and love your hair!!