Yesterday boyfriend and I went to the Getty Center in LA to see the Herb Ritts: LA Style exhibition. It was equal parts 90's supermodels and oiled up naked men...so basically it just rocked. We spent only a portion of the time taking in the art, and the rest of the time drinking beer and lying in the grass. Museums that serve beer are the best kind. I wore my tiniest vintage denim cutoffs (people were not amused) and a paper thin vintage scarf top that is apparently from Arizona. I threw on a simple black blazer, some cowboy boots, an LA Dodgers cap, and some crazy fringed earrings, just for good measure. (I know that as an Orange County girl people will wonder why I am not wearing an Angel's cap. And it's because the Angel's don't have a chic logo...FYI.) I was so excited to read on IFB this week that there are readers out there on the interwebz who are still looking for those forward thinking, quirky bloggers with an innately individual sense of style; say rather than the up-to-the-minute, trendy blogger/model, with a giant bank account to boot, which seems to be the status quo as of late in the blogosphere. I am just happy that I can keep dressing in my crazy ten-dollah get-up's from the thrift store and there are people out there who might actually call it "fashionable" ;)

Thrifted Blazer, Top, and shorts. F21 jewelry. Steve Madden boots.


  1. Anyone who is friends with me deserves to be the biggest fashion blogger on the planet. Vote for Brittany! PS love the outfit, especially the purse :)

  2. Well hell yeah to that sister. i'm totally diggin your baseball hat with the rest of the gettup. so unexpected and rad. killer boots! this outfit rocks

  3. Awesome casual look! Love your laid back style, and your pics make me miss LA!


    1. Come back to LA! We miss you, too ;) Thanks girl!