Floorlength Florals

< I am so sad, I haven't posted a blog in WAY too long. It's because I have turned into a MAJOR work-a-holic...ever since I landed my first fashion gig. (Figures!) Luckily, boyfriend dragged me away from my computer and down to Laguna Beach for sushi and people watching. The bright and sunny day called for a bright and sunny outfit. And so, I turned to my main maxi as of late, paired with a simple striped tank and a white sandal. This vintage maxi skirt is just so damn colorful- I love it. I think it might actually be made from upholstery fabric, which really makes me wish I could have a couch that was made from this print.

Target tank. Vintage skirt. Vintage watch and necklace. Forever 21 cuff.

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