You See Your Gypsy

Sorry that I've been a bad blogger, work has been crazy. No excuses! I feel like I am straight out of a Fleetwood Mac music video...and I kinda like it. This vintage dress is a super saturated shade of corally orange, it's so beautiful. I chopped of the bottom of the lining and hemmed it real quick to make it look less matronly. I love that sheer look on the sleeves and the skirt, makes it feel current. Tying up a head on your scarf like this is perfect for when you're feeling gypsy inspired. (But even more perfect when you don't wanna brush your hair cause you're heading to the pool.) This look doesn't need and bits and baubles; like a true Gypsy you've gotta travel light! Ya I know, Esmerelda called. She wants her outfit back ;)

Vintage dress.F21 headscarf. INC platforms.

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  1. WERK. The gypsy look is always a hot look. I like.